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About Journal Writing

The benefits, process and outcome of journaling - Lawnchair Image Journaling improves communication and self-perception. It expands and deepens your views of life and yourself - Nature Image Journaling offers to you the present moment if you give it your full attention. It moves your attention to intention and allows you to get to know the conscious choice-maker that governs your life - Lake Image Prepare the ground for creativity and find a deeper truth in your life - Grass Image You get to be curious and outrageous in your questions: explore everything - Lake Image There will be those times when you are slugging through - hang in, keep writing, the ruts will become pathways - Dirt road Image Sometimes you need to look closely to see beauty - Overhead view of lake Image Leaps and shifts will happen - Rock Image Trust the process - Forest Image Outcomes of journaling - Sunset Image Life becomes a reflection of your inner landscape - Lake Image The observer and observed become one - White dog Image You notice obstacles less and clarity and joy more - Chain fence Image What seemed impossible is not - Bridge Image Those Ah Ha moments - Rock Image
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Photo credit: Herma Binnema

For over 40 years I have kept journals. I would journal daily with vigilance; particularly through crises and times when I wanted to launch a big dream. It has brought me greater clarity, joy, and gratitude for my life.

I often set out to achieve a certain goal and have discovered that I also enjoy more confidence and freedom in being myself. The end result is expanded consciousness.

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  Photo credit:Herma Binnema
We can process our shadows with acceptance and tenderness and discover that as unneeded things may crumble around us, we have a strong core that supports us. 

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