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Why Journal Writing

Journaling is Empowering - Sunset Image It can access inner wisdom - Alleyway Image It reveals the authentic Self - Lawnchair Image Journaling awakens curiosity and playful delight - Lake Image It gives you a detached view - Nature Image It can be a most loving gesture to yourself - Lake Image It enhances creativity and productivity - Plant Image
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Very efficient for evolving consciousness

Increases clarity and insight

Positively affects decision-making

Enhances creativity and self-knowledge

Releases emotional toxicity
Increases awareness of inner dialogue (self-talk)
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What is the Journal Coach?

The Journal Coach is a unique offering combining journal writing with coaching to:

  • give you freedom for self-expression
  • while giving you as much guidance as you want
  • in your own private journal (or on your Ipad)
  • in a comfortable space of your choice.

You do not submit any of your writing online. The Journal Coach offers as little or as much guidance as you want; you do not submit any of your writing to us ever!

There is a diversity of projects to choose from that can help you:

  • achieve a goal
  • tackle an issue
  • release a redundant situation or feeling
  • evolve your consciousness.

The positive result can be described as replacing your attachment to familiarity with courage to have new experiences and feelings.

The themed projects offered are based on real experiences and have been tested numerous times. Embedded in each one is a process that gently guides you to more joy and freedom. It not only works; it is a form of self-love and stress relief that has long-lasting results.

Ready to Start?

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