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Primordial Sound Meditation

Journaling and Meditation go hand in hand to achieve balance, clarity and greater consciousness. Aukje is a certified instructor in Primordial Sound Meditation taught at Chopra University. Classes are a total of seven hours and include personal instruction and mantra.

To sign up, contact Aukje for a class schedule, application form and local free introductory classes. Once your place is confirmed, pay online using the buttons below.

$75 Deposit
$210 Purchase

Miksau RetReat

We offer retreats, in a beautiful serene setting, that use modalities such as body-mind work, bioenergetics, hypnotherapy, meditation, movement, journaling, and processing unsustainable polarities. We also work specifically with those in recovery from trauma and/or addictions.

Aukje Kapteyn

Phone Consultations

Phone Consultations are available for those who wish to pursue emotional coaching in depth. Contact us for this option. Phone consultations are rated at $175.00 per hour not including long distance telephone charges if they apply.



We can offer workshops off site at a venue of your choice. These workshops can range from topics related to spiritual evolution,  Earth Dreamer’s Dharma, The Peace Warrior, and of course Journaling. Please contact us for this service.

Some years ago, I did the 50-day journaling project called "Hot Air Balloon". Aukje provided quotes of provocative sayings that I placed randomly in my journal and responded to them as I encountered them. I found them unexpectedly great! They always invoked something helpful, insightful, or confirming - often in unanticipated ways.

I found it most beneficial if I did some journaling every day. I was often surprised at what came off the end of my pen. In re-reading my entries, I realize that it was a particularly turbulent time in my life: relationship and work issues, a major house renovation, still not feeling at home as a divorced man in a new city and my kids leaving the nest. By the end of the process, I felt much more at peace within myself: the tethers were being released!  
James R. (Ottawa)
Journaling helped me to make discoveries about myself - through writing, I gradually uncovered some of my thoughts and values. I could make these discoveries at a comfortable pace and with as much independence and privacy as I needed. The journaling reminded me of the importance of self-reflection and encouraged me to continue to be self-reflective through writing.  
Vivian B. (Victoria)
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