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"Life itself is our constant teacher and how we interact with its invitations and challenges makes us who we are. My life and my particular incarnation on this journey are inseparable components of a marriage with Self. This Self is the invisible, spiritual aspect of my existence that breathes me, drives me and reveals me to myself."

I came here curious, free spirited and eager to learn.  I often challenge the supposed right way of doing things so my learning and formal education took many a twisted turn on the path.  What that gave me – now that I am “grown up” – is a wonderful, albeit eclectic collection of knowledge, skills and resources.

Heart Centered Hypnotherapy – trained at the Wellness Center, Washington
Bioenergetic Analysis – competed the 5 year training with the Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis
Certified Instructor in Primordial Sound Meditation from the Chopra University
MA in Pastoral Studies in Counselling and Group work (Member of Canadian Psychological Association)
Coursework towards Doctorate in Ministry
Family Therapy, Native Family Systems, Gestalt, Advanced Level EMDR
Mentored by founder of Shalom Retreats – to facilitate intensive personal and spiritual growth retreats
Over 26 years of work with indigenous people both in the US and Northern Canada:  facilitated cross cultural workshops  and provided counselling to First Nation’s Communities
Private Practice for over 14 years plus counsellor in Educational and Community Mental Health settings (Member of ACSW and IIBA)

No matter where I’ve studied or worked I have learned mostly about myself.  Who I am becomes the facilitative tool in my interactions with my clients. If I guide you as client to be more authentic and congruent, then I must be that first of all.  My goal in every moment is to align my person with purpose, my body with spirit, my intention with manifestation, my self-love with respect. My commitment is to invite the client to be most truly who they already are.  The work is to gently yet firmly remove the film, the mask, and the obstacle to know and enjoy the true self.

Grounded Grandmothers

This book is written for today's grandmothers (and grandfathers). This generation grew up with a strong work ethic, a religious or secular belief that body and spirit are separate, and who, in raising children, often ignored self-care and self-fulfillment.

The author uses meditation, journalling and Bioenergetic exercises and other processing techniques to enhance our grounding in this world, while integrating the spiritual and sensual. The book relies on stories, anecdotes, and reflections. Each chapter has a section on practical exercises that help to move us forward.

Being well-grounded in both body and spirit enhances our presence in a tumultuous world while radiating and finding our own serenity and calm. This book offers new perspectives with humour and down to earth guidance. 

Aukje Kapteyn is a 72-year-old woman, a mother of three and grandmother of seven children. She has worked with First Nations communities as a counselling therapist for the past 32 years and owned and operated a retreat center in Northern Alberta. She divides her time between living in Alberta and on vancouver Island. 

Writing is a significant part of ther self expression and spiritual awakening. She has published journal projects, poetry, feature articles, and prize-winning stories. She has designed courses for self-development, facilitated retreats and is keenly aware of the opportunities facing her generation. 

The book is available online from Balboa Press, Barnes and Noble, McNally Robinson.
Also available at local bookstores in Edmonton and Vancouver Island.
Also from the author with shipping anywhere in Canada $18.

Aukje Kapteyn
PHONE: 780.686.0056
EMAIL: [email protected]
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